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Free independent legal advice for people living and working in Brent

Brent Community Law Centre, established the early 1970’s, was the first publicly funded Law Centre in the country. It seeks to use lawyers’ skills for the benefit of people who live or work or study in, the London Borough of Brent and their organisations. It tries to foster its community links with Brent and it is largely managed by local people.


On our advice line we are able to give general legal advice about any area of law. Even if they cannot solve the entire problem it is very rare that our lawyers are not able to point you on your way to a solution.  Some cases can be taken up beyond the telephone service.


Advice line hours: 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday. All new matters should be raised on the telephone. We have no facilities to help people who come to the door.


Please note: The legal information in this site is only a summary.  It may not up to date. You should not rely on its accuracy if you are making an important decision and BCLC cannot take responsibility for errors in it.  You should always seek legal advice.


Staff and volunteers at the Law Centre would like to thank the FA legal team and staff from Western Union for their hard work painting the Law Centre over the last few weeks. The building now looks refreshed, and we greatly appreciate their help renovating the Centre.



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When you phone us

Things to consider before you phone us and what we'll ask you.



Find out what happens if we take on your case.



Find out what happens if we take on your matter.